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Our Favorite Top 10 Recipes of Oyster

Oysters are a love-it or leave-it food— some people can’t get enough, and others can’t stand the thought. One thing that isn’t up for debate, however, is the nutritional benefit of these oysters.

They’re low in calories (12 per oyster) and saturated fat (less than a gram), and pack a gram of protein each. This is a boon for bodybuilders trying to get lean. Oysters do not directly affect your libido; they actually increase the level of testosterone in your body; testosterone is essential for men; it helps to build muscle and bone while promoting sperm production, sex drive and has even been linked to memory improvement. If you would like a detailed guide on the health benefits of oysters, check out our other blog here.

Top 10 Recipes of Oyster

We've rounded up our favorite ways to make oysters preparations a memorable experience for you.

  1. Grilled Oysters: Straight simple and delicious grilled oysters are a must-try. Additionally, tossing oysters on the grill will also make it easier for shucking. They won't open as much as mussels or clams do, but the top shell loosens in the heat. Serve them warm with your favorite dips or simply garlic herb butter

  2. Butter and Herb Baked Oysters: A buttery breadcrumb topping gives baked oysters anice richness, while fresh lemon juice adds tang. Add chopped parsley, thyme, or your favorite fresh herb blend to customize the flavor. To keep the oysters from wobbling as they bake, fill the pan with dry rice or salt.

  3. Crispy & Crunchy Fried Oysters: With a crisp and crunchy cornmeal batter, fried oysters make the perfect seafood snack or appetizer.

  4. Kaki Fry Oysters: Japanese deep-fried oysters are a seasonal specialty usually enjoyed during fall and winter when oysters are in season. The dish is commonly prepared in restaurants or at home, and it consists of shucked oysters that are dusted with flour and dipped in beaten eggs before they are coated in panko breadcrumbs and finally deep-fried until crispy and golden. They are usually served with lemon wedges, fresh vegetables, and various sauces.

  5. Crispy Southern Fried Oysters: With just a few ingredients and only about 15 minutes of cook time, these Southern-fried oysters make a quick and satisfying meal. Serve them over a green salad, with french fries and tartar sauce for dipping.

  6. Oysters Rockefeller: Oysters Rockefeller is a popular American appetizer consisting of oysters served on half-shells that are topped with ingredients such as butter sauce, bread crumbs, and various green herbs such as parsley. They are then either broiled or baked.

  7. Oyster Omelet: Oyster omelet originated in the region of Fujian in China. It is a signature dish of the Hokkien people - the Chinese diaspora in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The dish consists of small oysters added to a mixture of potato starch and egg batter. Depending on the region, cooks will sometimes add a dash of spicy chili sauce mixed with lime juice to intensify the taste of the whole dish.

  8. Classic Oyster Stew: Use your slow cooker to make this easy, set-it-and-forget-it oyster stew that uses just a few simple ingredients. Add chopped chives or green onions for a pretty and flavorful garnish, or sub in some half-and-half for an even creamier broth. If you use fresh-shucked oysters, make sure to save the liquid for that seafood flavor.

  9. Oyster Fritters: Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, oyster fritters make a tasty appetizer, with tartar or cocktail sauce for dipping, or a main dish with french fries and potato chips.

  10. Charbroiled Oysters: Charbroiled oyster is a traditional American dish originating from New Orleans. In order to make the dish, freshly shucked Louisiana oysters on the half shell are placed on the hot grill and cooked in their own juices until bubbling and the edges start to curl. The oysters are topped with a sauce consisting of butter, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, cayenne, lemon juice, and grated Pecorino Romano. Once the sauce has started to bubble, each oyster is sprinkled with grated Pecorino and garnished with minced parsley.

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