Located On Hood Canal in Washington State

Washington State Seafood is located on the beautiful and extremely clean Hood Canal fjord in Western Washington State. The clean clear waters of Hood Canal provide for extremely bountiful and flavorful oysters as well as creating a wonderful habitat for mania clams.

We are very proud of our oysters and pride ourselves on delivering fresh great tasting pacific oysters and clams from our beach to yours as quick as possible. We offer oysters in many different sizes; from extra small, small, medium all the way up to large and jumbo. We also offer a great tasting manila clams.

Washington State Seafood is a family owned company and we offer very competitive prices as well as discounts for large quantities. To check out our prices please visit our Washington State Seafood Store

If you would prefer to have the have the experience of picking your own oysters we also currently offer the ability to come pick your own oysters. To find out more information about picking your own oysters please click here

If you have any questions at all or would like information about our oysters or clams please contact Jessica via email at jessica@washingtonstate.com

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